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Hi everyone, my name is Mathias Nagy and I want to personally thank you for your interest in my work.

IMHOTMEDIA.COM is my business information hub centered around internet marketing. It is specifically designed to help you access the best in internet marketing products and practical marketing techniques by filtering out the noise that dilutes your effectiveness and your results.

I hope what you find here will help expand your online business, develop your online products and promote your own personal brand.

A little about myself – I am a mining engineer by education who took to developing a personal business brand after my many hours of personal development research led me to realise that even career orientated professionals can enhance their future success by establishing their own business.

The amazing Brian Tracy shifted my perspective as he taught me that I am sole owner and CEO of my greatest asset – myself – and leveraging that asset is the key maximising personal success. I am still determined to be a world-class mining engineer, but there can be nothing but advantage in personally developing marketable skills in areas previously untested.

The business system I am developing revolves around the relentless pursuit of positive contribution – to my clients, personal networks and the world in general. This is achieved by adopting and promoting the best in personal and professional development, success methodologies, business intelligence, income systems and finally inspirational leadership.

IMHOTMEDIA.COM will contribute to the business intelligence and income system component of my methodology. I hope you find what I do here to be a surge of creative inspiration and real-world practical advice that will help temper the steel of your own future success, wherever you may find it.


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‌    ~Mathias Nagy