A Death In Blogland

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dcrae6azi I can’t believe my last post was almost a year ago. The weird thing I am still active online and doing a lot of writing, except that I’ve committed the ultimate blogger’s sin… letting my blog get inactive.

Sure, I guess I can make the usual arguments about limited time and distractions and whatever else. The bottom line is though, it’s important to have a base for your online business operations and I reckon my gems shouldn’t be scattered on Facebook and Pinterest and other random places. They’re not my properties, right? Everything I post over there is now owned by others and I’ve lost a¬†lot of traction here generated by my earlier work.

Coincidentally around the time of my last post, Theartacademy posted an article I should have read called, “How to kill your blog“. Martiel warns, “Number one thing that kills a blog is¬†inconsistent posting.” OK Martiel, your advice is well heeded. So how often should I keep it up? Every day?

The successful SEO site Moz offers a timing suggestion on their page, “12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time” – “don’t leave posting to less once per month”. Well surely I can keep that up. I write everywhere else at least once a day.

So take heed of my mistake that almost resulted in another death in blogland… don’t spread yourself too thin. A well loved blog needs a hug every so often, so don’t let yours sleep too long. Write a post today!




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