Success Starts and Ends with You

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brian kurtz
Brian Kurtz

While IMHotMedia is all about Internet Marketing, in the end the success of any personal endeavour starts and ends with ourselves, making personal development just as important as any marketing idea.

Recently the talented Brian Kurtz, executive vice president of Boardroom Inc., mentioned in his introduction to the Titans of Direct Marketing a list of practices that help to create massive personal success. These recommendations are inspirational, I’m sure you’ll agree:

  1. Outwork everybody
  2. Be generous
  3. Have insatiable curiosity
  4. Surround yourself with world’s best
  5. Always think about how you can save peoples lives (not just physically, but financially, emotionally, etc.)

I find point 5 particularly interesting. If you are new to internet marketing and have no idea what to sell or what service to provide, you can never go wrong with really helping people. It’s a key business concept that will rarely fail.

While on the topic of Titans of Direct Marketing, I spotted Kevin Donlin at LinkedIn sharing 12 great ideas he got from the seminar. These are only a fraction of the 100+ points he collected overall, but they’re still a very useful collection to add to our success arsenal. Check them out here.

“Contribution is better than networking.” ~Brian Kurtz

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