Top Quality Audience Engagement Education, Free For A Short Time

List Building School
I’ll cut to the chase because this outstanding online event has already started. It’s called List Building School, and it’s a collection of some huge names in the internet marketing field (and some outside of it) offering a broad range of excellent “audience engagement” education for free. You better be quick though, it’s only on until the end of the month, and each webinar is only available for a few days!

Click here to get your free ticket, because some videos are already gone. Fortunately a lot are still available and I have yet to find one that hasn’t provided me with some great internet marketing information. So click here, sign up, and then click “check session page” in the welcome email to start watching the seminars for free.

As as an online marketer and small business person myself I am in awe of what a great idea this promotion is. This is the “build your list by giving away something of value” technique on steroids, growth hormones and EDTA. The list they will create for themselves will be massive, containing targeted, qualified, active individuals. A classic marketing model performed in a modern, sophisticated and creative way. Bravo!

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