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Internet Marketing Re-Ingition

It’s been interesting to watch Internet Marketing evolve over the past decade (and longer). Once upon a time it was easy and cheap to get to the top of Google – and the “technical” promoting of products with little interaction from you, the vendor,was enough to make a decent income. Just throw some money a traffic generation and watch the cash flow in.

These days, though, the face of Internet Marketing success has changed. The old business models do work, but they have evolved, as new marketers are more sophisticated today and get up to speed quicker. Today affiliate links are hated by Google, and vendors of information require more than just a quality product with a decent freeby to grow. For long term success, they need to be social and interactive as well. The modern internet marketer needs to be seen and establish trust with their clientele. They also need to provide a lot more free quality material before they gain public trust, as well. “Social Proof” is more than a mere buzzword.

In the spirit of developing trust and proving my passion for the success of any internet marketer kind enough to consider what I have to say seriously, I offer my new email success program, Internet Marketing Re-ignition. I fully confess there are affiliate links in there, but only to products I trust. I believe the information is important and valuable and like everything I promote, I hang my reputation on it.

If you are new to the internet marketing domain and wish to learn about an evergreen business model that simply works (I follow it myself), then please click on the Internet Marketing Re-ignition graphic (top right column) and read the information that I will send to you over the next week. I am sure it will provide you with a quality business framework for selling products and communicating with your customers that simply works. I hope to have an advanced program available soon.

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