The Top 10 Copy Templates to Fast-track Your Copywriting

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The Top 10 Copy Templates to Fast-track Your Copywriting

Want to know the secret to writing powerful copy fast? Use a template!

Here are 10 copy templates that you can use right now.

  1. AIDA Formula

AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. This is the basic copywriting template that can push your prospects to take a particular action, such as signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase. While there are many templates suggested by copywriters, it really all boils down to AIDA. So keep this in mind when you next write copy.

  1. The 4 Ps

This is another basic copy template, and it stands for Picture-Promise-Prove-Push. This template is quite simple to understand. First, you will provide a picture of what you have to offer. Then, you’ll make a promise. After that, you will back up your claims with proof, and then you will ask the prospect to take action. Easy, fast, and simple.

  1. Joe Sugarman’s Template

Joe Sugarman is a copywriter who has managed to come up with his own template. You can find out about this in his book Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, on page 96. Instead of eliciting attention, Joe proposes an opening with excitement. From there, he develops the drama and proves why his product is different from other products in the market. Then, he explains the product and includes the benefits. He then finishes the copy by identifying the product’s value, addressing objections and concerns, and putting out a call to action.

  1. Mark Joyner / Mario Veloso’s Template

This template offers a direct-to-the-point option for people who need to create copy fast. All you need to do is answer 5 questions, namely, what is the problem, why hasn’t the problem been solved, what is possible, what is different now, and what you should do now.

  1. Dale Carnegie’s Template

Dale Carnegie wrote the international best-seller How to Win Friends and Influence People. In his book he discloses a valuable copy template that can help you create copy lightning fast. All you need to do is harness the power of the story. From there, you can ask the reader to take action, then follow it with the benefits of taking action. It does not get simpler than that.

  1. Clayton Makepeace’s Template

Clayton Makepeace is one of those people whom you can consider to be a master of copywriting. In his interview in 2006, he introduced his own template. He does this by doing the following: grabbing the prospect by the eyeballs, supporting the headline with claims, bribing the reader to read, getting his juices flowing, adding credibility elements, talking about the reader, making the offer, relieving risk, summarizing the offer, and presenting the offer so it is easy to accept. Although it is not that different from the AIDA formula, it is still a detailed template that you can follow. 0 

  1. Bob Bly’s Template

Here is another simple template from Bob Bly’s Copywriter’s Handbook. All you need to do is to get the attention, show the need, satisfy the need, prove superiority of your product and service, and then ask for the order.

  1. John E. Kennedy / John Carlton / Gary Halbert’s Template

You can follow this template by first making a promise, then giving a reason why your prospect must perform a particular action. From there, you need to show some proof and ask them to take action. This allows you to create shorter but more effective copy.

  1. Michael Fortin’s QUEST Formula

QUEST stands for qualifying the reader, understanding his problems and desires, educating the reader about your proposed solution, stimulating the reader to choose your solution, and then transitioning the reader to your call to action. This is posted in a Copywriter’s forum.

  1. Bob Serling and Dr. Paul Hartunian

Last but not least, there is the 9-step process from Bob Serling and Dr. Paul Hartunian. It goes like this: (1) Eliciting Interest, (2) Posing the Problem, (3) Solving the Problem, (4) Giving Proof, (5) Explaining the Benefits, (6) Arousing Curiosity, (7) Making the Offer, (8) Reversing the Risk, and (9) Making the Ordering Process Easy.


I hope I have managed to give you plenty of template choices to fast-track your killer copywriting skills to the next level. Who says you need to spend months to come up with the perfect copy outline? With these templates, you can create effective copy in a matter of hours.

Your turn. What copy templates do you swear by?



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