Protecting Your Primary Asset

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primary asset

I guess it goes without saying that if you’re going to start an online business, or at least make money online, your PC/laptop is going to be your most important business asset. Your time is valuable, so a slow or malfunctioning computer has the potential to influence your business enormously in the worst possible way. Even a few seconds of delay, tallied up over a day, can add up to many minutes of wasted time and effort.

A computer that is slow or malfunctioning is distracting and irritating, so It will pay to keep your computer protected and optimised with the best possible software. A few years ago a number of my friends were asking me to help them deal with and then prevent a whole range of computer problems they were having. To free up my time and help them at the same time I wrote a webpage explaining what I did to protect my PC and what options they had for following my suggestions. It was an informative page, so I have added it to this website to help you too, in case you may want to compare notes.

I have found that even people who know a thing or two about computers can really make poor choices when it comes to computer optimisation and protection. For example, if you think you can get away with a free anti-virus system, I suggest you read this article now! It will explain the four essential software systems any computer should have on it from day one, and my recommendations on the best programs in the world to do the job of keeping your computer operating smoothly and without a hitch.

So please have a read – occasionally considering the best tools for a smooth running computer is a valuable exercise.  I just ask you forgive the flippant style of the article – it was not intended to go beyond my friends! Still I hope it will both entertain and inform 🙂

Click here for the article.

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