Best WordPress Plugins To Use On A New Site

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wppluginIf you are like me and the owners of over 74 million other websites, you have at least one WordPress site. It so easy to use, I call it internet Lego! Just press a few buttons and you have a new post or page or theme, or upload a file or two and you have new functionality, quicker than it has taken me to type this post.

For every new WordPress site I start, here are the plugins I always spend a few minutes uploading and activating. Perhaps you might like to use them, too.

The top of the list is my no.1 essential utility, backupwordpress. You should ALWAYS backup your site… especially if it’s making you money. Secondly, wordpress-seo is essential if you want your posts read! This plugin provides excellent SEO tools and analyses each post so you can set and forget it. Finally, jetpack is full of great tools (such as social media buttons, shortlinks, easy publishing to social media, etc.), so is definitely one of my favourite plugins.

Essentials                       ‌



Here’s a tip – always install your plugins one at a time. Complete the installation and updates before moving to another plugin.

One final tip – don’t install more plugins than necessary, for example, don’t install two SEO plugins. They’ll probably just clash and cause you grief. Good luck!

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