The Week In Brief – 11 Oct 15

blog-briefHere are some great items I found this week while doing research for my business.

(>) Coursera – Negotiation Skills Course – Here is a great freeby from Coursera. Whether in business or in life in general, having good skills in negotiation will always pay dividends. This course provides college level training that will take you to the next level, whether buying a car or a corporation. A formal completion certificate can also be purchased. I am doing this course and give it a big thumbs up.

(>) 10 easy ways to make money using social media – Great article that is exactly as described. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or developing a business to make these pay off.

(>) While on the subject of social media, here are some growth hacks and experiments that will increase the reach of your social media marketing.

(>) Here is a great interview with Kimra Luna, a young woman who leveraged here skills and engaging personality through webinars to make close to a million dollars in sales in one year! Hear how she developed her business in that time here.

(>) Finally, here is a great free plugin for WordPress that makes complicated google map development for your business site a snap!

Hope you enjoyed these, see you next week!

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