Your new blog is popular – to hackers

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spywareMy recent post about great plugins for WordPress included Jetpack and Wordfence (post is here). In the four days since I have installed them, they are already providing me with some surprising statistics. It’s telling me that my blog is already popular, but to the wrong kinds of people!

I have already had 833 blocked malicious login attempts in four days, reported by Jetpack. According to Wordfence, the most popular usernames attempted were admin, administrator and imhotmedia (my website name, of course).

Fortunately, none of these were correct. I have been into computer security since before viruses were even known about – I’d like to think I could have been McAffee if I had the entrepreneurial drive needed back then. My username is not that easy to guess – and it appears that making it harder to guess was the smart thing to do. Now this is not a challenge to hackers – I’m just supporting what you greyhats already say we should all be doing, increasing security, so please just move on!

It’s time to increase your site’s security if you haven’t already done so. To avoid getting your blog hijacked by hackers, make sure you have a strong password and an uncommon username – admin is definitely a no-no. Also make sure you use plugin’s that provide website protection. I have already mentioned two such plugins, jetpack and wordfence, but as I come across more I’ll keep you informed. Now that I think of it, there is a great plugin I used years ago I’ll have to go find and report back to you on. Stay tuned.

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